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March 20, 2018 

Students Share What Gives Them 'Hope' During Mental Health Week - The Herald Journal ~ “The wall is helpful because it is a visual representation to our studentbody that mental health is important and it’s a real concern on our campus,” Peters said. “It’s very important that we eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health. 

Study: Suicide Risk for Youth Spikes in Months After Self-Harm - PsychCentral.com ~ Young people face a sharply higher risk of suicide in the months following a deliberate self-harm attempt, according to a new study led by Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC). 

Mental Health Risks To Girls Who Spend More Than An Hour A Day On Social Media – New Study- The Conversation UK ~ For tweens and early teens, the rise in time spent on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and other social media is really quite dramatic. Culture minister Matt Hancock recently suggested the government could impose limits on the amount of time children spend on social media. 

Book Review: Out Of The Madhouse - Psych Central Newsletter ~ Yet spotting depression is not all that straightforward. It can be messy, manipulative, devious, and rarely fits into a neat checklist.  Michael suffered from clinical depression, anxiety, and anorexia so severe that it landed him in the emergency room with a collapsed lung. 

Students With Emotional Disabilities: Facts About This Vulnerable Population - Education Week ~ Emotional disorders can be a part of other disabilities; for example, a student with a learning disability could also be coping with anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder, both of which fall under the umbrella of "emotional disturbance." 

Kids With Severe Head Injuries May Develop ADHD Later On, Study Finds - CBS News ~ Young children who sustain a severe head injury may struggle with attention problems as they grow older, researchers say. A new study reports that kids who… 

Understanding the Light and Dark Sides to Anxiety with Chronic Illness - Scleroderma News ~ For some, anxiety may mean a struggle to function daily because of constant apprehension, sometimes accompanied by panic attacks. 

How Your Next Meal Could Help Fight Depression And Stress - KKOH ~ The link between poor diet and mood disorders has been long known, but what has been less clear is the direction of causality. 

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The Mission of the Lyons Township Mental Health Commissionis to enhance through coordination, evaluation, intervention, planning and funding, a comprehensive community-based system of mental health, developmental disabilities, substance abuse and prevention services for people who reside in Lyons Township.  


The Lyons Township Mental Health Commission is one of approximately sixty-six community mental health boards in Illinois.  Boards are generally organized on a county basis except in suburban Cook County where there are a limited number of mental health boards in suburban townships.  In addition to Lyons Township, these include Berwyn Township, Cicero Township, Hanover Township, Proviso Township and Riverside Township. 

To find contact information for  these or other mental health boards in Illinois, please link to the website of the Association of Community Mental Health Authorities of Illinois by clicking here





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