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Mental Health News Articles from around the Web

Mental Health News Articles from around the Web

September 25, 20 

Controlling Your Anger: Stop Wasting Your Time and Energy - Blogs.psychcentral.com ~ We use anger to protect/cover up these other vulnerable feelings. We learned to deny and suppress our feelings so we will not be in emotional pain anymore. However, when something happens in the present, it reminds us of unfinished business in the past and compounds it.


Social Security Benefits for Children with Disabilities - Blog.ssa.gov ~ SSA’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program helps children with qualifying disabilities and their families. For this program, a child must meet all of the following requirements to be considered disabled and medically eligible:


Breathing Enriched Oxygen May Improve Major Depression - Medscape.com ~ Breathing enriched oxygen on a nightly basis may lead to clinically meaningful symptomatic improvement in mild to moderate major depression, new research suggests.


Op-Ed: Is Cannabis as Safe as You Think? - Medpagetoday.com ~ Is marijuana as safe as the public thinks? Is it safer than alcohol or tobacco? As more states expand their marijuana programs for both medical and recreational purposes, more data show that the use of marijuana may not be so benign.


Divergent Thinkers Aspergers - Blogs.psychcentral.com ~ According to the CDC, 1 in 59 children are on the autistic spectrum. Researchers used to think that more males than females had Asperger’s/autism. (Autism level 1 is the official diagnosis for Asperger’s these days.) The estimate from 2013 and before had been that there was a 4:1 ratio in men outnumbering women.


Obesity and the Bitter Pill of Truth - Medscape.com ~ So, what makes obesity so different? Could it be that 85% of patients with obesity don't all suffer from gluttony, laziness, or a pervasive lack of willpower? Perhaps the underlying, bitter truth is that we are doing…


Big Drop Reported In Vaping By US Teenagers - Apnews.com ~ Experts think last year’s outbreak of vaping related illnesses and deaths may have scared off some kids, but they believe other factors contributed to the drop, including higher age limits and flavor bans.


OTC 'Brain Boosters' May Pose Serious Risks, Experts Say - Medscape.com ~ Over-the-counter supplements advertised to improve memory and cognitive function may contain unapproved pharmaceutical drugs in potentially dangerous combinations and dosages, new research shows.


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The Lyons Township Mental Health Commission is one of approximately sixty-six community mental health boards in Illinois.  Boards are generally organized on a county basis except in suburban Cook County where there are a limited number of mental health boards in suburban townships.  In addition to Lyons Township, these include Berwyn Township, Cicero Township, Hanover Township, Proviso Township and Riverside Township.


To find contact information for  these or other mental health boards in Illinois, please link to the website of the Association of Community Mental Health Authorities of Illinois by clicking here





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