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November 25, 2020  

Immunodeficiency Strongly Linked to Mental Illness, Suicidal Behavior - MedScape ~ Mounting evidence suggests immune disruption plays a role in psychiatric disorders through a range of mechanisms, including altered neurodevelopment.

Interplay of COVID-19, Substance Use and Mental Health - MedPage Today ~ People with mental illness are at greater risk for developing COVID-19 than the general population, and vice versa -- meaning reverberations from the pandemic are likely to be felt long after the virus has been brought to heel

Prolonged Auditory Brainstem Response in Universal Hearing Screening of Newborns with Autism Spectrum Disorder - International Society for Autism Research ~ These findings suggest that newborns display neurophysiological variation associated with ASD at birth. Future studies with higher‐intensity stimulus ABRs may allow more accurate predictions of ASD risk, which could augment the universal ABR test that currently screens millions of newborns worldwide.

LONELINESS AND HUNGER LIGHT UP BRAIN ACTIVITY IN SIMILAR WAYS - Inverse ~ Humans crave social contact in the same way they crave food, evidence suggests. Meanwhile, hunger and loneliness activate brain activity in similar, profound ways.

Toxic Childhood? Do You Know How Much Emotional Baggage You’re Carrying? - Psych Central ~ They find themselves reacting as they did as children—afraid to speak their minds or not trusting their perceptions—and feel as lost and alone as they did in their childhood rooms. Alternatively, they may avoid all emotional intimacy, preferring to live on the surface of life and push off from their feelings; this, too, is an old habit, learned young, with a narcissistic, combative, or controlling parent at the helm.

75 percent of young adults mentally struggling with coronavirus pandemic, 1 in 4 suicidal - The Hill ~ A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that, compared to 2019, mental health-related emergency department visits during the period of Jan. 1 to Oct. 16, 2020, were up 24 percent in children ages 5 to 11 and up by 31 percent in 12 to 17 year olds.

The Need to Please: The Psychology of People-Pleasing- Psych Central ~ Most of us want to belong and form lasting bonds with other people. And we find it very painful to be rejected or criticized by others. We fear being alone and that being alone means we’re inadequate or unlovable.


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The Lyons Township Mental Health Commission is one of approximately sixty-six community mental health boards in Illinois.  Boards are generally organized on a county basis except in suburban Cook County where there are a limited number of mental health boards in suburban townships.  In addition to Lyons Township, these include Berwyn Township, Cicero Township, Hanover Township, Proviso Township and Riverside Township.


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